Health Partners

We are a Health Partners Participating Provider so you will get the maximum rebate back for your Health Cover on your visit here with us!

HP Consult Type Total Cost Best Case Scenario Worst Case Scenario* (approx)
Initial Consultation – T500 (45 minutes) $74.00 $0 Gap $18.00 Gap
Subsequent Consult – T505 (30 minutes) $64.00 $0 Gap $18.00 Gap

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Please note – these gaps are a guideline based on the level of cover you are on.

Fixed Cost Physio

All Extras policies have fixed cost Physio visits, starting at $12 on Top Extras, $16 on Standard Extras, $18 on Starter Extras, so you always know what your out-of pocket is.

Kids go gap-free with your Top Extras cover!

Dependent children receive 4 gap-free initial, & subsequent consultations per year at any Health Partners Participating Physiotherapist. Simply swipe your Health Partners membership card with our friendly reception team, and your claim’s been made. All you pay is the gap!