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Dry needling is a procedure that is available at Health on Grange Physiotherapy to address muscle pain and dysfunction.

During dry needling, thin needles are inserted into tight bands of muscles or trigger points – areas with increased muscle tension or knots. The goal is to stimulate these points, leading to a twitch response in the muscle, which helps release tension and improve blood flow.

Dry Needling Physio Adelaide


  • Pain Relief: Dry needling aims to reduce pain and discomfort associated with muscle tightness, knots or spasms.
  • Improved Range of Motion: By targeting specific areas of muscle tension, dry needling can enhance flexibility and movement in the affected muscles.
  • Muscle Function: The procedure helps promote better muscle function by releasing tightness and promoting relaxation in the treated muscles.

Conditions it may help:

  • Muscle Pain: Dry needling is often used for conditions such as chronic muscle pain or myofascial pain syndrome.
  • Sports Injuries: It can be beneficial for athletes dealing with muscle strains or tightness.
  • Rehabilitation: Dry needling is sometimes integrated into rehabilitation programs to complement other therapeutic exercises.

NOTE: It is important to distinguish between dry needling from acupuncture, as they are different techniques with distinct philosophies and origins. Dry needling is based on Western anatomy and neurophysiology.

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