Vestibula Physiotherapy

BPPV Vertigo & Dizziness

“I feel dizzy when I get in or out of bed”

“I feel dizzy when I roll over in bed”

“I feel dizzy every time I tie my shoelaces”

“I feel like the room is spinning around”

“I feel dizzy and it’s making me feel sick”

These are common sensations associated with Vertigo.

Vertigo specifically means a spinning sensation – often described by patients as dizziness or imbalance.

Vestibula Physiotherapy

What is BPPV Vertigo?

  • doesn’t cause further illness
  • is not caused by serious pathology
  • temporary sudden onset
  • related to change in body position
  • the false sensation of spinning

In a nutshell, BPPV Vertigo is the most common vestibular disease.

It occurs when the tiny crystals located on the sensory organ of your inner ear move away from their normal location.

The exact cause remains unclear, but changes in the head’s position or a slight impact to the head may trigger your Vertigo.

Important to note:

  • Your spinning sensation can be caused by many other conditions, such as vestibular neuritis (an inner ear disorder).
  • Light-headedness or imbalance could be caused by a neck problem or vestibular hypofunction (when the inner ear part of your balance system is not working properly).

This is why it is important to have a thorough Assessment with your Physiotherapist.

Vestibular Physiotherapy may be the answer for you!

How can we help you?

At Health on Grange Physiotherapy we have Physiotherapists who can help people with Vestibular conditions.

Our aim is to

  • reduce your feeling of dizziness
  • help you feel more stable and confident with your head movements.

We achieve this by diagnosing the specific issues that are causing your vertigo and target your recovery with a personalised treatment plan.

This plan may include:

  • Manoeuvres to reposition the crystals in your inner ear
  • Latest research exercises to retrain your internal balance system
  • An exercise plan that can be used at home

Our Physiotherapists will take time with you to establish exactly what technique or combination of techniques will benefit your speedy recovery.

Book a time now to get yourself back to enjoying life feeling balanced and confident!